Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sadie? Sydney? Sammy? Allie? Allie.

Like I said in the last post, things here in Clovis have really slowed down and we are enjoying each others company. Last weekend, Clovis had a Monster Truck Show that Michael and I decided would be a fun thing to do together. It was held at Curry County Fairgrounds and was actually pretty fun! I have never been to anything like this before so it was definitely an experience. We ended up seeing one of Michael's co-workers and sitting with him and is family. Michael had fun looking to see how many mullets we could find- sadly he only found two. I wish during the show there was more of the monster trucks instead of the not-so-comedic comedy. Unfortunately I did not take many pictures because my camera died within the first 10 minutes! Shoot!
 As many of our friends and family have seen on Facebook, we got a new puppy! After a long time trying to think of the perfect name for her, we have named her Allie. We think it fits her perfectly! Now for the story on how we came to getting her: Michael was going to attend a USPSA shoot at our local gun range, but had to stop at Walmart first to get some ammo. On the weekends it is pretty common to see people out by Walmart with puppies for sale. Michael happened to drive by one and sent me a text that said, "Golden Ret. puppies at Walmart. Cute!! You come get one :) I wouldn't be pissed. Haha." So I hopped in the car and drove over to see them. The puppies are Great Pyrenees/Golden Retriever Mix and are 8 weeks old. How can I resist that?! The dad and mom and both AKC registered as purebreds. The litter was actually accidental. The mom is only a year old and had not gone into her first heat so the family decided to go on vacation. Well, while on vacation she went into heat, got pregnant, and had a litter of ELEVEN puppies! I spent quite awhile looking at the puppies and really liked one, but did not want to get one without Michael being able to see her so she said she would hold the puppy for me for two days until we made a decision. After Michael's shoot, we went and ate at Chili's with a nice couple he met at the shoot and then I told Michael we should go look at the puppies again so we could make a decision on whether to get one or not. During the day, she took the puppy I originally set eyes home and brought the others out. Which turned out to be just fine because we fell in love with a gorgeous girl who is absolutely precious! Michael had about two minutes of buyers regret until she completely stole his heart. We are so excited to have a new member in our family! Here's a picture of her that will most likely steal your heart as well...

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  1. Oh man, she is so precious!!! I am going to block Kason from seeing this post or he will be bringing one home next week :)