Monday, October 22, 2012

Back in God's Country!

Let me start off by saying we are SO happy to be living in Texas again! We have missed the greatest state in the country. It's so great to be close to both our families - Michael's parents are just 25 minutes away and my family is about 2 hours away. Waaaayyy better than 6 hours and 8 hours away! It will be nice to be close again because I AM GOING TO HAVE A BABY NIECE! Addi and Reid are expecting their baby girl March 15. Right now Addi is almost 20 weeks along so Baby Z is around the size of an heirloom tomato. We went to Dallas this past weekend to find out the gender and got to celebrate at the Texas State Fair. Turns out it was a bad day at the fair with Big Tex burning down, people getting stuck on the Stratosphere ride, and a longhorn getting loose for about 4 hours. Here's some pictures:

Congratulations Addi and Reid!

Two weeks ago, we made our first big purchase as husband and wife... we bought me a new car! We have been researching the Hyundai Sonata for about a year now. We sold my car in New Mexico so we would not have to register it in Texas knowing we were going to buy me a new car in Texas. Searching the interwebs we found a deal we simply could not pass up. We made an appointment at a car dealership in Arlington, went over the weekend, test drove the car, fell in love, told them what we would pay, and four hours later (UGH!) walked out new car owners!

And now... the long awaited pictures of our new home. We are extremely happy to have this home. There is nothing I can find wrong with it... other than the miscellaneous items I cannot find a place for so please excuse the mess. Don't judge me. :(
 Entry Way
 If you are looking for a great fall Scentsy, I am using Pumpkin Roll and LOVE it!
 Living Room + dogs
 The dogs wanted to be in the photos
 Photo Wall in Living Room
 Fireplace and TV nook
 Dining Area
 My little window so I can see the TV when doing dishes
 Kitchen - please excuse the mess on the counter
Kitchen eat-in area
In the living room looking towards entry and kitchen

Well, that is all for now! I will be sure to update again soon.