Monday, January 16, 2012

Geez it sure has been awhile!

We are so sorry, y'all! It was been like two months since we have updated this thing! I will just give the key points of where we have been and what we have been up to all this time! 
  • Spent time in De Leon and Coppell for Christmas. We took about a week and a half off to spend time with our families and hunt. It was FANTASTIC! A huge thank you to both of our families for all the love and generosity they have shown us.
  • While in De Leon we got to see Jenn and Ben Rush! We absolutely love spending time with those two. We miss you guys and hope to see y'all again soon!
  • Also while in De Leon, I shot a doe and Michael got an 8-point! WHOOP! Now we will have tons of deer meat to enjoy.
  • We left Roy in Coppell with my sister, Jenna, so she could spend some time with him. We lived together when I adopted him so she misses him. I only agreed to let this happen because we now have Allie and she is a great companion to have around. Speaking of Jenna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her today!! How does it feel to be in your late 20's??
  • Since being back from out of town we have not had a whole lot going on.
    •  We finally got our garage cleaned out and it looks fabulous. 
    • I am finally not on the sick wagon anymore - thank goodness! 
    • We booked a trip to Taos, NM which is about five hours away from us here in Clovis. We are going for a weekend at the end of February. We found a Groupon for a getaway weekend deal and we could NOT pass it up. We are staying for two nights which would originally cost over $400, and we only paid LESS than half that! 
    • We will be traveling back to College Station in the middle of May for A&M's Final Review and for Michael to pull his fishes senior boots. We are SO excited to go back to CS as we have not been there in over a year! 

I promise to TRY and keep up more with this blog! Sorry it has been so long. We hope everyone had a joyful Christmas and that their new year has been going well so far. Here's to 2012: a new year!