Thursday, July 7, 2011

I really should update this thing more!

We have just not been up to much during June and July is looking to be the same. I do have a lot to update everyone on though. Where to even start??

I guess I will start in the middle of June when Michael and I went out to our local gun range so Michael could compete in a USPSA shoot. By standards, this is not a true USPSA shoot, but Michael really enjoys going out and he has met some nice people through it. I decided to join him because I figured I would take my camp chair, sit in the sun, and work on my tan. This is the opposite (dramatic?? maybe) of what happened. The New Mexico winds decided to pick up and I sat in the shade all day while being pelted with sand. Michael did excellent in the shoot I do have to say and it is fun to see how much he enjoys it. Here is what part of our day looked like though:
Between here and the Fourth of July weekend, we did not have much going on. Although, Michael did have A LOT of overtime at work which made for a sad April, but that's the trick of the trade. 

For the Fourth of July weekend we traveled to De Leon. We always enjoy being able to spend time with family and this time my sister, Jenna, joined us for the celebration weekend! Our puppy, Allie, also joined us for this trip. On the way there she got carsick five times... *Sigh* Good practice for what kids may bring to us in the future?? That's ONE way to see it. I always seem to jinx our mishaps with her though. I can say "Michael, guess what! We have not have a puppy accident in the house in three days!" And of course, that night, she will pee right in front of you. Or we can be in the car and I'll say "Allie has not gotten carsick ONCE yet" (being almost two hours into the trip), and she throws up to be followed by four more times. But I digress... Friday we got there, sat, and chatted for awhile until we decided to hit the hay for the busy weekend. On Saturday, Jenna and I went to Stephenville because she forgot her bathing suit and we needed to find her a spare. (Imagine that, Jenna forgot something ;) ) When we got back we went to the Scarlet Ibis for some shopping. I LOVE that store and love being able to chat for a bit with Kelly Dickey, the owner of the store. After shopping around we went back to the house, had lunch with MaMaw and Tammy, and visitied with them for awhile. We also took the dogs for a swim. Yes, plural, dogS. Allie is not as great as Roy but with time she will learn. She is a proud dog so when Wubba is in her mouth she puts her head up high which causes her bum to sink. She then starts sinking slowly and turning in circles. Ha Ha! Such a sight to see. We first found this out when she jumped in Friday night, started to sink a bit, and I had to jump in after her, FULLY CLOTHED! Oh the things we do for our (fur)children. 

After our swim with the dogs we went out behind the phone company and shot some guns. I love being able to say that (behind the phone company to shoot). We shot Michael's new Springfield XDM (LOVE LOVE LOVE this gun!), the zombie killer (as we call it), and Toney's new Ranch Hand pistol. 

After shooting, we went to Strawn, TX to eat at Mary's Cafe. If you are in the DFW area or in a good radius of Strawn and looking for a mini roadtrip, you better eat at Mary's! Their Chicken Fried Steak is to die for! Jenna and I both got a large so we could bring home leftovers. 
On Sunday we went to church and then came home to have lunch and get ready to go out on the lake. We took the jet skis out to Proctor Lake to have some fun. It was Jenna's first time out on a jet ski and was a natural. We had a really good time!

After the lake, we swam for a bit and then went out to "The Place" to explore. "The Place" is the land Toney bought and we use for hunting season. We took the mule out for a ride and changed out some of the cameras and tested the feeders to make sure everything was in order for this coming Fall! 

We came home Monday because Michael had to work on Tuesday, but we were still able to catch the Clovis firework show! We sat on our roof and enjoyed the show. :)
For any who may be wondering, the dogs are doing great! Roy ripped some of his paw pads from swimming too much. He was pitiful for a couple of days, but seems back to normal now! Allie is still growing - four months old as of today and weighing 30 pounds. She is our little nugget.