Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Moving Back To Texas!

Well as everyone already knows, WE ARE MOVING BACK TO TEXAS! We have about 3.5 weeks left in Clovis, New Mexico. We never regret our move to New Mexico as we made many wonderful friendships here and will miss our neighbors tremendously. Michael and I have learned to truly rely on each other when the going gets tough. There will be many things we miss about New Mexico: the mountains, the cool evenings, snow in the winter, and our friends. There is also a lot we will NOT miss about New Mexico though: the nasty cow poop smell that sneaks up on you, all the brown sand, being far from family, and the snow. I know I listed snow in the likes and dislikes. Come on, snow is pretty, but people drive like idiots in the snow and that is one thing I will not miss.

We are excited for this new adventure and cannot wait to be closer to family and college friends! You may not hear from us for awhile after the move; hunting season starts and we have a lot of trips to see family, especially now that I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNT! Congratulations to my beautiful sister, Addi and brother-in-law, Reid! Baby Z is expected around March 15, 2013! I am so glad that I will be able to get my baby fix again. After quitting work and not seeing babies I am going through baby withdrawal. Haha.