Monday, May 14, 2012

The last FOUR months

I know I say this a lot, but boy, I oughta update this more! Things in the Prather household sure have been crazy. Michael and I both have been working our butts off and traveling the sights of New Mexico. 

I do not know what everyone knows, but I switched into the baby room at work from the four year olds. My room has babies starting at newborns (6 weeks) to crawling (about 8-9 months). I absolutely love it! They are such a joy to see everyday and see them grow. They have captured my heart, truly. 

As for travel, over the past four months, Michael and I have traveled to Taos, Santa Rosa, Santa Fe, Dallas (just me on this trip), Roswell, and College Station.

Michael and I purchased a Groupon for a two night stay at the Historic Taos Inn in Taos, NM. We shopped in the square, ate delicious food, visited the longest inhabited Indian reservation, and saw the Gorge Bridge which overlooks the Rio Grande River. Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Our next adventure was to Santa Rosa and Santa Fe. Michael work to do in a small town outside of Santa Rosa, so I traveled with him and we made a weekend out of it. We only spent one night in Santa Rosa and it was not very impressive... very small town. The next morning though we went to Santa Fe. We stayed at The Buffalo Thunder Casino and Resort. It was beautiful, the hotel and city. We visited Loretto Chapel, which has the mysterious staircase they do not know who built it. Here are a few pictures from this trip:

Our next trip was Roswell, NM. We just decided this trip on a whim. We went on the motorcycle because it is only about an hour and a half trip there. We went to the UFO museum which was a complete and utter bust. It was dingy and outdated. I only took a few pictures of this trip:

We both traveled to College Station for Boot Pull. Michael got to pull boots off what were his fish (now seniors). We stayed in Houston with some good friends, Ben and Jennifer Rush, and drove into CS on Saturday. It was great to see all of our friends! We have missed you all so much. 

Sorry y'all! I know this was a lot. I will update this again soon, this time, I mean it! 

As for now, my husband is insisting on a thumb war. Wish me luck.