Friday, June 3, 2011

We've Got Some Catching Up To Do

For Memorial Day weekend we traveled to De Leon, Michael's hometown, to spend time with his family. Michael got off work at noon, we packed the car, and headed out of town. It stinks that we drive maybe ten minutes to the border and we jump ahead an hour in time. So instead of leaving at 12:30 mountain time, we are really leaving 1:30 central time. Very frustrating. The drive to De Leon is about 6 hours without stops so we made it there a little before 8 that night. Terrie had dinner waiting for us when we got in - grilled chicken, homemade bread, mac & cheese (my favorite), and brau chips. Of course, after we ate, we let Roy take a quick swim in the pool. He LOVES to go swimming. You cannot say the words "pool" or "swim" around him or he freaks out and will not shut up until he hits that water. By the end of the trip, I think he swam about ten times. Saturday night after we got home from eating at Mary's in Strawn (OH MY GOSH, SO GOOD!!), the Sparger clan came over so Lane could swim with Roy. Lane is the cutest little kid ever! He named his imaginary calf and real baby calf Roy, after our dog, because he loves Roy that much. Only this little boy would have an imaginary CALF. I wish I had gotten a picture, but unfortunately I didn't: Lane grabbed onto Roy's tail and Roy pulled him across the swimming pool. It was so cute and Roy did not mind one bit at all. He is so good! Although I did not get a picture of that, I did get some others of Roy swimming. 

Also on Saturday, I must not forget, I got upgraded to the iPhone 4! YAY! I love it. Thank you so much Toney and Terrie! 

Jennifer and Daron came in Sunday night and Toney and Terrie cooked us up a fish fry! We had fried Crappie (similar to Catfish, caught out at Proctor Lake by a family friend), hush puppies, corn bread, brau chips, and of course, mac & cheese (mine and Daron's favorite). All of it was SO delicious. I just might have to say... "It's the best I've ever had" 

After dinner was cleaned up, we all sat and talked with Terrie about her new kitchen! Yup, it's remodel time! I wish I was closer to Texas for this time because we all know I am OBSESSED with HGTV and redecorating. Terrie, whatever the details, it will be what you have always wanted and beautiful. Jennifer, I know I said we should get Candice Olson, but I have moved on... Genevieve Gorder! She'd be perfect. *Sigh...* 

After coming up with ideas for the new kitchen, we played several rounds of Apples to Apples. That game is so fun and is always funny to see what people put out there.

On Monday, MaMaw and Aunt Tammy came in for lunch and we played Phase 10. We have gotten the two hooked on that game after their visit to Clovis. I learned my lesson from our last game experience and kept my mouth shut this time around. Which served me well, I think I only got skipped once or twice! After our game, Michael and I packed up our stuff and sadly headed back to New Mexico. It is never easy leaving Texas because it is truly God's country. I cannot wait for the day we move back and are closer to all our family and friends. 

A little update on puppy: She knows her name! She also kind of knows sit. Like Roy, she is very food motivated, but more calm than Roy. When teaching Roy "down" he would throw himself to the ground he was so excited about food... It's like the poor thing never gets fed! Puppy is definitely growing: she seems taller and now weighs 19.6 pounds at almost 11 weeks old. She is still super cute, but very frustrating. We are still working on housebreaking her. She is doing better except for last night, I nearly killed the darn nugget - she peed on our bed at 11:30 at night. Not totally her fault because it was raining last night so her time outside was very limited, but still did not make for a happy April. This face is just so hard to be mad at...