Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We have some exciting news!

Well I cannot promise to you that this post will not be SUPER long! We have a lot to catch you guys up on. We will start with our trip to Dallas over the long Labor Day weekend.
Our trip started out great until we reached the Lubbock city mark... Imagine that, Lubbock making things difficult on us. Allie threw up for the first time of the car ride here. TWO hours she had already been in the car. Anyway... so we stopped so that I* (*April; just want to make sure y'all know it was me) could clean it up. :) Also at about this time, it was getting hotter outside (we left at 8 AM so it is now 10 AM) and we noticed the inside of my car was getting hotter as well. Well 2-3 more hours plus another throw up thanks to Allie we found ourselves stopped in Seymour, Texas to find a mechanic so we could find out why my car was blowing hot air. The mechanic told us my expansion valve was stuck and it would need replacing, but guess what? He did not have an expansion valve. All hopes were crushed at that moment. We had three+ more hours to go with an A/C that was blowing hot air because the coolant could not pass through the valve. Ten minutes outside of Seymour Allie gave us another nice present. At that moment, Michael and I were both hot, frustrated, and fed up stopping so that I could clean up vomit. We took all of our luggage out of the back, put it between the seats in the middle with Roy, took the dog hammock out and folded it up in the kennel and locked Allie in there for the rest of this oh so enjoyable journey. She could throw up for all we cared because now she was contained in a space that I did not have to touch for the next 3+ hours. Because the coolant was not getting to the A/C we would have to turn off the air and drive with the windows down to give it a rest. After we got tired of that, we would roll the windows up, turn on the A/C, and be cool for maybe 10 minutes. Then we got to Denton, Texas where Friday after work traffic was stacking up. Michael did not want the windows down because we were in stop&go traffic, so we sat for 45 minutes with hot A/C blowing on us. We were MISERABLE!  God must have been testing us on a personal and married couple level that day. Overall, our trip to Dallas was WONDERFUL! We ate dinner with my family at El Fenix on Friday (after we both got a shower because we stank so bad), after dinner we saw a fireworks show at Lake Grapevine. 
Saturday, Michael and I woke up early to take my car to Firestone so we could get it fixed. Well, it turned out that after they did a diagnostic on it, it was TOTALLY FINE, WHAT?! After that, we had lunch with Jennifer and Daron at Abuelos. We are so happy that we got to spend some time with those two! We do not get to see family enough. Michael and I then did some shopping for stuff we cannot get in Clovis and that night ventured down to Deep Ellum in Dallas for some sushi with Addi and Jenna. That was an interesting, but fun, experience. They had a car show going on so there were all these old, mob-looking, cars.

Sunday we had breakfast with my family at Cracker Barrel, YUM!! Later that day we hung out with the dogs, grilled up some burgers and hot dogs, and watched the Aggies BTHO smu! On Monday, Michael and I hung out with just my mom for awhile and then met up with Addi, Reid, and Jenna for lunch at BJ's. Our drive home went perfect, crazy right? Allie was locked in her kennel, Roy had a new dog car hammock to enjoy, and Michael froze me out. I kept wanting to turn on the heat. Amazing how sometimes we are never satisfied. We can be so spoiled in life that sometimes we forget other people deal with things like this on a daily basis.

Weeeellllll.... are you ready for the exciting news?!?! As of today, Michael has been at ENMR Plateau for ONE YEAR! As of last Friday, his title within the company is now Enterprise Support Team Lead! Yup, you read that right, MICHAEL GOT A PROMOTION! I am so excited for and proud of him! He totally deserves this and I cannot wait to see what this company has to offer him. He has learned so much already and continues to learn more everyday from this business. This is truly an amazing experience for him, and for us as a family.

I figure I will also show how big Allie is getting. She is now six months and around 50 pounds. She is starting to test her boundaries a bit. She has not chewed anything of ours, but we have found that she likes paper. Hopefully I will not be having a "my dog really did eat my homework" scenario. 

And Roy, is.... well, Roy. Spoiled as ever, but we love him. This is him enjoying a massage.